Oh Joy!
2003-07-23 || Kim Evans walks into your storage facility
Soundtrack � Stiff Little Fingers � Nobody�s Heroes

How good is the song �Wait and See� by this group? It�s a good one.

So next weekend is the trip to Northern Maine. Moose. Hippies. Steering wheels.

Apparently, I mean what was I going to write about�ummm�

I had to run in the supermarket with this stupid New York Mets shirt on and buy some stir fry sauce (ginger flavor this time). In front of me were to men who were obviously a couple. One of them said to the other �Are we having banana splits tonight?� and the unintentional immature homophobe in me of course thought �Of course you are��I was then distracted by the new aisle in the supermarket. First they had the 12 items or less, which at one point was a tough 10 items or less if I remember correctly. Then those aisles where you can scan the items and pay without dealing with a human being�now�we have the �No Tabloids or Candy� aisle. Really. Are people that fucking weak that they would need to go there? Oh, it�s an aisle you want to take your kid down�Okay, sorry. I guess it could be for people that buy candy bars compulsively. Although, when was the last time I actually set out to buy a candy bar? Exactly, sometime in May of 1985 probably.

We are learning a cover of a Cure song from the later period record �Wish� which is pretty exciting I guess. Not as exciting as say�having sex with Patti Duke ten minutes after this photo shoot.

I tell you what, if I quit smoking�as a Massachusetts resident, I would save $150 a month. If I were to quit driving I would save about $100 a month. If I were to quit existing I would save about $86.75 a week.

I can�t imagine how I existed on Virginia Beach, San Francisco, Nashville and Chicago all for days at a time. Looking back at pictures really does bring you back quite a bit sometimes. Looking at pictures of me in bomber jackets and denim jackets with �We�re the Meatmen and You Suck!� on the back, and pictures of a bearded me years later with not a brain cell intact.

how about �the two and half year time period where I had a crush on Gabrielle from Luscious Jackson instead of Barbara Streisand?�

I just wanted a cigarette even though

Was this meal so good that it blew your mind, or was it because I put something in it to brainwash you into thinking it�s good, or is it that I put something in it to brainwash you into thinking it�s good, while ironically the stuff I put in it to brainwash you into thinking it was good was actually good and blew you mind?

today they requested staples, post-it notes, pens, and Tylenol. I requested Emotional Rescue from my cell phone in the bathroom. It came on between Rock and Roll Fantasy by Bad Company and Easy Lover by Phil Collins.

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