Oh Joy!
2003-07-24 || leguizamo leguizamo leguizamo legiazamzo legusiamzo leksozzuigo
Soundtrack � Anthrax � Among the Living

You play the heavy metal in the office and the people will enjoy. Yes this is what you do to them.

For the past few days staring at these spread sheets with thousands of lines trying to find discrepancies�This morning in preparation for this tedious task I took about 8 or 9 hits from the bong while getting ready to leave. While getting ready I heard what I thought was the cat scratching at my door. She was in the other room I found out. Still, the sound of an animal scurrying and scratching inside the walls of my bedroom went on. Please don�t die in there mister raccoon or squirrel. All I need is the rotting carcass of some weasel in the walls of the house.

Last night watched that movie Spun. Pretty good, although I�ll take the Selby/Aronofsky (sp?) Requiem for a Dream over it as it wasn�t as disturbing as that book and film. Vaginas and penises in plain sight too.

In the world of magic, forget it.

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