Oh Joy!
2003-07-18 || tylenollie north X pressway to your ExisTEnSE! 33
soundtrack 0 rolling stones � er satainic magesties request

yes, I had alcohol tonight-and now a bong ufll of it. at one point in time I had a habit of the rolling stones and berer or the rolling stones and whiskey and the rolling stones and wine or whatever shit they have there what is it? Tall sklinny people with tattoos and stupid alternative hairtcuts and this attitude that made me at one point say things like �is it on drugs, that person she?� I feel bad ai see a friend or two and then jkust leave like nobody. we had to get out of there though a man reciting poetry about protatoes and a guy with the painting. the music didn�t bother me, the atmospheres though I don�tlike. I enjoy getting a little loose form the time to time the time, but I don�t�s like the compansy of drunk strangers with no candy, no conversation. Small talk. of course I�m still working, I have a paock of cigarettes and I drove heer and made an unwise dcoeison to drive like thi, but for the mostpa rt I have no desire to sit therr talking shit about my work to a stranger figuartivelsy. sorry noc sily pictures tonight withouth the rememberance of trying to I mean. I can�t rmember the little

Abrhama Lincoln the guy don the five dolora bill is the first pesorn who sang a song about birds without diseases. You didn�t know about this, as you lsok.

Ths should ensd siwht the dbe bed becuase of the bedtime housr. Well, I go tos,eppesleep at this time anywya

Does this dick in my amouth make me e look fat?

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