Oh Joy!
2003-07-18 || This turned into his jacket
Soundtrack � Richard Thompson � 1000 Years of Popular Music

How obnoxious can a phone ringing at 3:27 AM be? How obnoxious can a half a dozen Hispanic men walking around on my roof putting shingles down at 7:00 AM on the dot this morning? How annoying is this shitty coffee the Hispanic woman made me this morning. Hispanic people have caused me much grief this morning, but I don�t blame the race. If they were Chinese, or African-American I would say the same thing. These 7 or 8 people who happen to speak Spanish have had the chance to ruin the morning more than a Friday morning can be ruined. A brief headache has been replaced with a series of yawns, stretches, trips to the outdoors to smoke, and asking myself why I would take bong hits at 9:00 in the morning while nursing a hangover�and then come to work.

Tall, tall skinny man in one of those jackets like Paul Simon wore hooded on that record cover that one time. Smoking gross cigarettes, driving aimlessly trying to balance a filthy Dunkin Donuts cup on his knee. A woman in the backseat sleeps and he has some radio (SUGAR I HAVE LEARNED, IS NOT GOOD FOR ME- SALT IS ONE OF MY FAVORITES. WHO LIKES SALT RAISE YOUR HAND RAISE YOUR HEART RAISE YOUR HAND TO JESUS SIEG HEIL! HEIL JESUS! HEIL JESUS! TAKE THIS PASSAGE FROM THE BIBLE: "It is not good for the man to be alone" how sugary is that? Who are the Weak Men? The man who CO{U}me(-)s is the one I never want to be like again. NEVER NEVER AGAIN FUCKERS! HOW THEY LIE, AND OH HOW THEY BRING THINGS UP NOBODY WANTS TO HEAR. �do you like this blouse I bought her? Do you like this cock pump I bought him? Oh yes, did you cook him pancakes and sausages? No, of course not. Lately, I�ve had a hankering to take a drive up to this beach in Maine I spent some time at in the past. Yet I can�t remember if I was there last summer when I spent a few days there with a lady friend. 4th of July weekend. I probably could have had 35 children that weekend. My DNA left in a room in Maine, the way life should be- not to far from our President. A large number of homosexual men circle the area, walking into shops. Holding hands, being in love, sporting moustaches, and that attitude, that obnoxious gay attitude like I�m supposed to think it�s a big deal that someone is gay. I played the game. �I love to fuck with the ladies, yes�. They could put all of the gay people in one area, and it wouldn�t be a big deal would it? Think of how easy it would be for us heteros to find a nice pair of shoes. �Qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm� � are you aware?

Are you aware of the hubcaps? Do you know about the signals that are being sent to agents around your state? When you are ignorant of this kind of thing, you will suddenly be surprised and wonder why you never listened to me. I can�t even count the number of �I told you so�s� I�ve had in my life. They have killed people for knowing about it.) station on talking about sports and celebrities that the man has no clue about. He likes the sound of the man�s voice on the radio though. It is keeping him awake. His woman in the back seat advised him to remove the jacket hours ago but he refused in the warm September air. Men never listen to women do they?

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