Oh Joy!
2003-06-04 || you forgot to eat my pussy
Soundtrack � Talking Heads � Remain in Light

What a busy morning this morning. I had a guy hang up on me at one point, which is okay with me. I�d rather not talk to irrational people. It�s one thing to be pissed about a mistake we made, but you don�t need to make disparaging remarks to the person who is going to fix it. Especially when said person has your e-mail, your credit card number, address, and the Google search engine at his fingertips�So of course after hanging up I look him up on Google, and low and behold find him on a couple of hi-fi websites asking questions�then I find him on this homosexual website guestbook. Oh boy the fun that will be had with my fake e-mail accounts over the next few weeks with this gentleman. He is a �bottom� according to his profile. Anyway, can you say �hot homoerotic e-mails from anonymous male from Boston�? I can.

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I gave an elderly man the middle finger this morning at one point. In the United States, we are angry at the white people all the time. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, I want to kill white people.

Yes no I don�t wna t to fuck those people theer!!!!!!! And fuck this thing to day

Not in the mood fo rthis

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