Oh Joy!
2003-05-27 || trenchcoat mafia
soundtrack � Horace Henderson � 1940

Not really a weekend, as the week never really ended proper. They had the wake on Thursday night. Afterwards, I went to the club and saw some music. I arrived at 1:00 AM, stayed �til 2, had to get up to be back at the funeral home by 9 or so to carry the casket, etc. Lot�s of Italian relatives, and we noticed they were playing the theme from the Godfather in the funeral home. Spent a few days with the family, and my father was in town for the funeral of his dad. On Sunday spent the day with my aunt and my little cousins. I played with them for hours, something I realized I had never really done before. Here is me with my favorite�who also has the same name as me�named after me. His little sister took the picture, hence the absence of my face�

I came pretty close to laughing in the church during the funeral when the priest started doing that singing thing they do. For some reason that always makes me laugh�

Who told Milla she could act?

I like ho eweasy it is to open dor

do you like ho eweasy it is to open dor?

Last night we went to a birthday party, with kegs. There were people from something called Up With People there. They were loud and deserving of gunshot wounds. I had a beer and half, and not an interest in pussy, the red sox, or rock music. Out! I think I may have a cold from being around people constantly for the last five days or so. I need a month off or something. I need days of not telling anyone anything. I need days of not seeing another person or talking at all. Unfortunately I have to go back to work tomorrow. Unfortunately that I will be talking all day. Not that I have to go to work. Imagine the dread?

Imagine the death tan ddestsruciton

Fuk Derek Jeter, and fuck Roger Clemens 500th win

Here. hold ye nose and don�t breat

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