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2003-05-27 || the existence of television
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The more I think about the war in Iraq and all of that, the more I start drifting away from it. The more I think of the suffering of people I don�t know, don�t care to know, and will never know the more I start drifting away from it. At this point, George Bush could bomb fucking Mexico for all I care, I don�t know anyone there. Doesn�t anyone look at it from that point? Compassion for humanity is something I don�t identify with. It takes enough energy to care about the people I already care about, and by the time I worry about that, I barely have time to care for myself. Look at me, I�ve gained tons of weight, I have no life whatsoever, I am a useless piece of shit. I spend too much time dealing with others around me, when I should just sit at home and read the bible and forget everything.

I think I�ll vote for George Bush in the next election to piss of my friends, and to see how many people take me off their favorite list in Diaryland. Yeah, that�s what I�ll do. He�s going to win anyway.

The existence of my penis in the year 1997.

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