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2003-04-28 || stealing mail for the devilsdevilsdecvislss
Soundtrack � Black Flag � My War

Today is evidently SST day in my office�So I went over to the other building to drop something off this morning, and I was walking back and I see this woman with bright red hair, and a blonde streak getting out of a cab and realize it�s none other than Bonnie Raitt. She was going into the recording studio next door for some reason. Funny, the last time I saw her she was in the Miles Davis Story DVD meeting him while doing recording for the Sun City benefit record in the 80�s. I did not say anything to Bonnie, as the studio men were going up to her to greet her. It was her though. I bet she�s nicer than that Julianna chick anyway. She sure as fuck plays a better guitar than her.

It is actually quite warm here today in Boston, feels like 80, but it�s really in the 70�s. The rest of the week it�s supposed to go back to the 50�s and 40�s at night though.

I planted some marijuana seeds over the weekend. Kind of risky seeing as an undercover cop lives in my complex now, but whatever. I�m not worried about it. I�d much rather grow my own than buy it if I am going to do it again. It�s been a while since I�ve had any, so�I�ll see how this works out.

I�ve gained all of the weight I lost when I was sick back. Oh well. I wouldn�t mind being sick again actually, as it wasn�t really painful, and I quite like sitting around at home doing home things.

So I�ve been involved in this scam thing through e-mail, because I simply replied to the first e-mail they sent me. It�s one of those overseas scams where they ask for your bank account number, etc. so they can transfer funds to you. I�ve been writing back and forth with this �guy and his wife�, and today I got this e-mail from �the lawyer� :

Attn: christian c


Compliments of the season and God??s blessings. I am

Frank Anosike ESQ, attorney to the Abacha's. I was

directed by her to contact you in other to finalise for

the clearing and transfering of the $24M which she had

already informed you. Note that this money has been

successfully moved out of Nigeria through diplomatic

baggage to Spain-Europe and is currently lodged in a

Security Company over there.

To this end, we should hasten up and work on how to get

the security boxes out of the security house in Spain

for onward delivery to your doorstep Once more, I will

like you to send to me your private telephone and fax

numbers so that I will transmitt to you the deposit and

despatch documents with a power of attorney transfering

the ownership to you so as to enable you contact the

security company and request for the transfer of the

boxes to your place.

Most importantly, it is good to inform you that there

is no atom of risk involved in this deal as everything

down here has been sorted out by myself and my client

Dr. Mrs. Abacha. I will like to make it very clear to

you that you have to assist us in the payment of the

courier fees for final delivery to your designated

address or you have to travel to Spain to handle

everything on your own. You stand the chance to open a

bank account and deposit the fund there for gradual

transfer to your place. Please do not delay in getting

back to me because this is the only hope of myself and

the entire Abacha family as every other valueable has

been confiscated. Remember to keep this matter very

very confidential to avoid any form of Jeopardy as you

might have heard what the Obasanjo Government has done

to Madam and her children since the death of the late

General. Finally, I will stop here and will be looking

forward to receiving your call on my direct mobile

telephone number 234-1-776-7469 so that we can finalise

all arrangement. I look forward to hearing from you and

receiving the telephone and fax numbers from you too.

Yours Faithfully,

Mr. Frank Anosike (SAN)

So I keep writing back and saying I don�t have a phone currently, and to give me details �through the e-mail systems, and I will get started on my end�. I am going to keep going to see how far I can go before they get mad and want to kill me, or do something else. Tonight I am going to ask to see some made up law document to see what he says. I was thinking of exploiting the other person who has my first and last name that I discovered recently�I was able to set up a fake e-mail alumni account with the college he went to recently, and keep getting invited to events.

There are no laws that I feel uncomfortable breaking at this point in time�.yeah.

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