Oh Joy!
2003-04-28 || booyakasha
Soundtrack � Husker Du � Zen Arcade

Not sure how much the office is into this record this early in the morning. But to me, Husker Du sounds like a bunch of pussies. If I wanted to hear something loud and obnoxious in here this early I would play them the Unsane, or Neurosis or something like that. It�s odd how some sounds can annoy people and not others. To a normal person Husker Du probably sounds like what Cradle of Filth sounds like to me. Eh?

We had the gig on Saturday night. It was pouring out, so the drive there was kind of hellish, with the road taking some unexpected twists and turns I wasn�t ready for. We got there and discovered that the all ages hall was a Christian place. Now personally, I don�t really have anything against Christians or Catholics, or anyone who believes in God, but I do find the notion of hardcore music, or indie rock, etc. being performed by Christians to be a bit offensive. I was saying to Breaux and Aarne that back in the day blues musicians sang about Jesus all the time. For some reason though, I don�t want my rebellious music to be mixed with any kind of organized religion. So anyway, I think it�s silly and holds absolutely no value in my opinion�this is probably why you rarely read about any of this music in the press, or hear anyone actually into MUSIC talk much about it. To me, it�s the same as white power rock, just some random underground style of music with a message. Ugh.

So we played our shit in front of a handful of teenagers, and went home. It was a good rehearsal I guess.

Yesterday I did absolutely nothing but look at pornography, read, and watch movies on the DVD player. I am a 33-year old male.

There is nothing funny or interesting on television. People tell me to watch this show and that show, and I put it on and I can�t imagine ever planning to watch one of these shows. Sunday is good, as HBO has The Sopranos->Six Feet Under->The Wire (which I tried for the first time last night, and enjoyed it), and then the funniest fucking show ever, Da Ali G Show. But the regular TV, if you can�t say �motherfucker� on the TV show, I don�t want to watch it. This is how people talk, everywhere. People don�t talk like they talk on the WB, or Fox, or whatever. WTF?

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