Oh Joy!
2003-04-11 || i'm all out of leaves and the people come to fix the trampoline next thursday at 3:87 AM
soundtrack � mono � one step more and you die

My second day home from work in a row. I think this thing is gone whatever it was�not to get to graphic and offensive (something I staunchly oppose), but I have been in and out of the bathroom �making coffee� as we like to call it around here, for about a week now. One positive thing though, I lost 8 pounds.

Last night I went to see Mono, from Japan at the Middle East, which was great. I took some photos.

Some more are at my fotolog page if you so desire.

The band was great, and it�s a shame they were just opening for a couple of other bands.

Wednesday, we had our first show since last August, our first show without Dan, and our first show where I literally stood in toilet water for most of the set. Wondering if I would be electrocuted, or contract hepatitis.

I�ll return to my normal self shortly.

I forget things.

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