Oh Joy!
2003-04-10 || the infamous lace body suit incident
soundtrack � New Order � Low-Life

�What a beautiful day it is to be an American� is what a woman said calling into a radio station tonight. I almost threw up.

I think if I kill the coffee, this may pass.

Just got in from the show. I thought we did okay. High/lowlights

� The amp I used, I had no idea how to operate it, so I didn�t; I couldn�t really hear myself.

� Most of the improvisation I was happy with when I could hear what was happening.

� There was a mysterious liquid I assumed was beer or cola where I was standing, and eventually all over my pedals and chords. I later found out this was toilet water. I could have possibly been electrocuted while playing. Hmmm.

� I got too high before going on and couldn�t figure out how to set my shit up.

� A ton of friends showed up, and I felt odd again. As I always feel like I�m ignoring someone saying hello. It feels nice to have a large group of supportive friends and acquaintances though.

� Every song we played was in the key of E, with the exception of one, which was in D#

� Somebody messed up the end of the opening song, or maybe three people did.

before & after