Oh Joy!
2003-02-21 || Fidel Castro, Shel Silverstein, and David Lee Roth walk into a Great White concert...
Soundtrack � Otis Redding � Respect

Friday. Woo! I will do so much fucking speed tonight that it

It�s wonderfully beautiful outside today. Sunny, warm, I neglected my jacket today and am just going with the t-shirt because I live in the United Fucking States of America and I can do that. I think they should change it to the United Fucking States of America, or the Goddamned United Fucking States of America, or the United Fucking Goddamned Cocksucking Motherfucking United States of America. I would feel much more happy about being from here if that were the case. I would suck George Bush�s gigantic Texas anaconda if he were to announce that he was changing the name to something like that. �Since we are bad ass motherfuckers here in the US, me and my friend Colin Powell have decided that we are changing the name of the country to The United Motherfucking Goddamned States of America, and instead of the flag we have now, there is just going to be a red white and blue flag with a gigantic middle finger in the middle of it, with a swastika behind it. Welcome to your new country� He would then walk off the podium and fireworks would go off, and the press would be throwing questions at him as he walked away. He would turn to them and say �suck my diznack beaches� and drive away in one of those new SUV limousines. Anyone see one of these fucking things. If that�s not a big fucking middle finger to the environmentalists I don�t know what is

How could you be against this thing?? If I ran a country called The United Motherfucking Goddamned States of America I would drive one of these. I wouldn�t be in the back, I would actually drive it myself. I would drive it in to the side of a Greenpeace building, and then maybe into a group of protestors just for shits and giggles. It seems that most protestors are there just to hang out and throw things anyway, so why not run them over? It would weed out the bad apples in the anti-war, etc movements, and then the smart ones who are getting things done can do just that, get something done. You heard the president he basically said �okay I recognize these people protested�but sorry I don�t agree, and there�s absolutely nothing you people can do�. Speaking of getting things done, a mutual friend of mine just went down to Cuba to hang out with communists, she went down with Noam Chomsky�s daughter apparently. Yikes.

I have the following tattoo on my forearm, if anyone can tell me what it is, and what it means, I�ll give them $7.00

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