Oh Joy!
2003-02-22 || The first woman to fuck Peter Tosh, Steve McQueen, and Ted Kennedy walk into the funeral of Michael J. Fox
Soundtrack � Jimmy Smith � Crazy! Baby

It is now raining, so there is gigantic puddles and snow banks that are slowly shrinking. Yesterday I went outside with a t-shirt a couple of times. There is no good reason why a human being should ever talk about the weather�or the government for that matter.

Dan and I went out to lunch and ran into some friends there and ate with them. Funny, Heather, who I hadn�t seen in a while is the subject of probably every single entry written in this diary in the spring and summer of 2000, right after I started this thing. It�s always nice to see her and her cousin Dorian, and Christian. They are all great friends. On the other hand Dorian had called me a few times in the past few months and I never called her back so I felt mildly awkward for a little part of the lunch. We then went and bought webcams

So I get more and more depressed when I see or read about that night club tragedy in Rhode Island. The used record shop I worked in for 15 years, we sold a huge amount of metal stuff, 80�s hard rock, etc. I had customer friends that would come in from the southern part of Mass to shop. I�m hoping I don�t read that any of them were there when they start releasing more names. I was apprehensive looking at it tonight when they showed it.

Tonight shall be relaxing I think. No plans yet.

This webcam sucks, I will buy a better one soon I think.

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