Oh Joy!
2003-01-28 || Coleen and Earl-2002, Jersey City
Soundtrack � The Orb Remix Project � Auntie Aubrey�s Excursions�

I do not want any of the shit they are selling. I have had it now with the spam, and there is apparently nothing I can do about it. I keep replying to them, some of them don�t get bounced back to me, which is a good sign I guess, but others just come back. I want to write the company and say �does anyone ever buy anything from this method?�. There is too much advertising. You go to the movies now, and they show commercials for cars before the film. This is offensive to me; if I wanted to pay to see ads, I would buy a magazine. I�d rather see 9 previews for shitty Soderbergh films before I want to see an advertisement for a car. I�m not into cars really. I decided that recently. I don�t give a shit about cars. Fuck cars, and the people who drive them�unless they are nice people and don�t deserve to be fucked off. I don�t know anything about cars, I have no idea that Ford is putting out a reissue of some fucking car from 1981 next year, or that if a car has this many valves it is better than the car with that many valves. I drive a Toyota, it gets me where I need to go, it makes me feel like a well to do white guy, and it runs well so far (knock on particle board that looks like wood desk). I will never, ever buy a magazine that has to do with cars, I will never look at another car again. I refuse to do anything caresque from here on out. I am boycotting cars as of 1:09AM EST, 1/29/03. Tomorrow, I will walk to work. It takes 40 minutes on the highways to get there, so if I leave at 7:15, I should get there by 10:00AM EST. Maybe 6:30 AM EST, in case I want to stop for coffee. On my walk to work, I am going to cut through back yards so I don�t have to see any cars. I should leave at 6:00 AM EST if I am going to go that route. I must have a ummm�what is it called, a compass to bring with me, I could get lost. With that in mind, maybe 5:30 AM EST would suffice, this way, hey if I get to work early, the better the man I am. This gives me four and a half hours to walk. It is supposed to be 16 degrees Fahrenheit tomorrow, which is warmer than it is now in Boston, it is currently zero degrees Fahrenheit. There are no Fahrenheit degrees available right now to count, in fact there are so little Fahrenheit degrees available for counting right now, it feels like it is negative 16 degrees Fahrenheit. It feels like, if you had say 16 Fahrenheit degrees, and someone took them away from you, and then took another 16 away just to be an asshole to you, that�s what it feels like in the way of Fahrenheit degrees right now. Where it is going to be 16 degrees Fahrenheit tomorrow, perhaps I should leave at 4:30 AM EST, this way I have the option to stop in to different stores, or houses, sheds, etc. to get warm for a few minutes. After all, it will be 16 degrees Fahrenheit tomorrow, and it could be a tough walk. I should go on the internet and look and see if there are other anti-car advocates such as myself, perhaps they are having a �walkpool�, and a group of us could go cut through backyards to get to work. Me and my new found friends could walk in the 16 degrees Fahrenheit weather and talk about how much we hate cars, and then we can stop in different stores, houses, sheds, etc. to get warm. If I actually leave at 3:45 AMEST, I could get there early, to the �walkpool� that is. I like to arrive early for social events. Not that walking to work as an enemy to the automotively crippled weaklings who drive everywhere they have or need to go would be a mere social event, I take my opinions seriously. If I have to work to be heard and seen, I will do it. I think if I stop writing in the next 45 minutes, I could even make a big sign to carry through the backyards, this way, the people in the houses, stores, sheds, etc. would know we were actually a serious group of people with a cause, not some people socializing and walking around through backyards, and we�re also not walking through backyards so we can home invade people. Now that I think of it, if I stop writing in the next 30 minutes, I could do some quick research online and see if I can find out the addresses of people who are into cars, or people who make cars, me and the group of people walking in the 16 degrees Fahrenheit weather between the hours of 3:45 AM EST, and 9:59 AM EST could home invade these peoples houses, stores, and sheds etc. and tell them how it is going to be. I could get down with a home invasion tomorrow morning. I could be all about the home invasion tomorrow morning, or this morning rather. We could home invade the house of some asshole who really loves cars and has fucking framed pictures of sports cars and pool tables and a bar in the basement and knowledge of football players and likes Van Halen and has a garage full of tools and has used every fucking tool in there, and we could invade said persons house and fucking invade their house, store, or shed, etc. I want to invade the house of car lover tomorrow, so that is what I am going to do. What do I do go on to that internet thing and type in something like �autophile chatland� or some shit like that. In due time, these same mother fuckers, these motherfuckers on �autophile chatland� will log on to my fucking internet worldwide webpage called �homeinvading motherfucking car lover hating motherfuckers chatland�, and when these people who are members of �autophile chatland� come into �homeinvading motherfucking car lover hating motherfuckers chatland�, a secret internet virus worm will invade their computer and make it so they can�t be into cars anymore, because this internet virus worm will brainwash them into being normal people who have better things to do than be into cars and shit like that. I will head the organization. I am excited to get working on that sign as soon as I do some research on the internet worldwide webpage thing to find out the information on these people so tomorrow morning I can invade their homes with my friends in the 16 degree Fahrenheit weather between the hours of 3:45AM EST and 9:59 AM EST who will eventually form the internet website on the world wide webpage called �homeinvading motherfucking car lover hating motherfuckers chatland�. These motherfuckers won�t even know what hit them tomorrow morning. Just think, right this second there art hundreds of car loving assholes out there sleeping, and fucking counting Trans Am�s jumping over canyons instead of sheep, or me who will start dreaming of people walking over fences in the 16 degree Fahrenheit weather holding signs, so I can count them and fall asleep easier, as I am certainly not going to sit there and count Trans Am�s jumping over canyons. Maybe I will start counting home invasion incidents jumping over fences. I can actually see a home invasion as a physical thing that could walk around, a normal person could not see this. A home invasion is not only an event, it�s also, well, never mind, there�s no need to explain that in here. We, the group that is, are also going to need someone to carry a boom box so that we can listen to songs like �I�m Walkin�� by Fats Domino, �Walking Blues� by Robert Johnson, �Walk on By� by Burt Bacharach (still deciding if we want the Dionne Warwick version, or the more soulful Isaac Hayes one), �Walkin On� by Little Walter, as well as many others. We will walk through these backyards like the motherfucking Taliban! Osama Bin Laden has nothing on us, that pussy motherfucker. I am as serious as a heart attack about this, watch me.

Band practice was pretty good tonight, we have a couple of new songs we are chipping away at, and the levels sound good in there, maybe, just maybe someday someone will see us play in public again.

I have to get ready to make the sign for tomorrow.

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