Oh Joy!
2003-01-13 || Karen and Arlo - 1935, Los Angeles
soundtrack � teddy pendergrass � teddy

US Navy ships are leaving for a possible war in Iraq. Haven�t we been bombing them all along anyway? What�s this about a new war? Perhaps this new one will be sponsored by Time/AOL. Imagine that? I think instead of bombing countries with missiles and chemical weapons, etc. We should just drop thousands of those �900 Free Hours of AOL!!!� discs on them. They will surely hate us then.

Today is my birthday in another dimension. My birthday is 11/3. Today is 1/13. Ooh, exciting.

I have a desk calendar here with Michael Moore collected quotes, it�s pretty funny. Although, as left as I am, I think Michael Moore can be kind of a moron sometimes. Like who didn�t know Charlton Heston was a fucking moron. The guy is all fucking alzheimered out now, why bother him, he has no idea what he�s saying. Perhaps we can use him for target practice though.

The departing governor of Illinois is commuting every single death sentence in the state. I must admit, if I were a family member of a victim I would probably want to take out the governor, but I guess it�s good also and is probably stirring up some conversation in the blue collar bars and-

who gives a fuck what I have to say about world events?

I have pains all over my body today. I was up until close to 4AM watching mindless movies on cable, finishing a pack of cigarettes and finishing the coffee. I am awake at work today and-

fck ths

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