Oh Joy!
2002-12-26 || cut, paste, vomit, repeat
Soundtrack: Them featuring Van Morrison � Anthology

I stole the above quote from the current book I�ve been reading, and I think it sums up everything. Talking to Jodie last night I made the statement that it�s doubtful I will ever end up believing in God, or any kind of religion. Merry fucking Christmas. I hate tags and labels, and refuse to call myself anything, and never will. Christians. Jews. Muslims. If it works for others, great, but I�ll take the fifth.

Dan and I ended up giving each other the same exact present to our surprise. Funny. We watched Trees Lounge tonight amidst the storm outside. I never stepped on the earth today, just wall to wall carpet all day. When he left, Lord of the Rings, the first one, was on cable. And I know I�ve always publicly stated I hate this and that, etc. But I made the final judgment tonight: I do not like the movie, and don�t need to see the Two Towers now. After seeing parts of it off and on now, in the theatre once, and on rented DVD a few times, and on cable now, it seems to have nothing for me at all except silly Hollywoodness, embarrassingly bad acting, and not enough fucking. I want to see people fucking. In the ass. That�s what makes a good film to me. Has there ever been a good movie that didn�t have ass fucking in it? Exactly. I won�t lie anymore and tell people �yeah I want to see the Two Towers�. I thought I did, but sorry, not interested. Maybe in twenty years I�ll see it and finally �get it�. Plus, you look at the guy who directed its resume, and what movies he�s been involved in and you think to yourself �ummm, no�.

Have no desire to go to work tomorrow, in fact I�m back feeling like I don�t want to go anywhere or talk to anyone right now, so I am going to shut up now.

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