Oh Joy!
2002-12-26 || shiitake
soundtrack � Gil Scott Heron � The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

my hands are dirty and gritty today at work from working in the warehouse for the first part of the morning. man some of the women over there, the brown Negroes, they talk shit about white people and it makes me laugh�at them and their low fucking pay checks. what�s the point of asking for civil rights if you can�t be civil yourself? they are a puzzle to me. stop fucking complaining and get another job if you think white people are oppressing you, if not, move to Africa and you can be with all the fucking black people you want to be with.

the snowstorm (what a segue�heh) we had last night was anticlimactic in that it�s sunny here and it�s all melting like a witch in Oz.

talking to myself in the car in the morning decided I could live without ever talking to another person, I can deal with myself. funny how many I know that can�t. puzzles and liars.

lunch would help.

looking forward to the impending nuclear war that will be started in the year 2003, should be interesting to see what actually happens. I remember the made for tv movie �the day after�, wonder if it will be like that? Regardless, I really just hope they get it over with soon, I�m ready to die now for chrissake

shiitake mushrooms

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