Oh Joy!
2002-11-28 || isn't he funny?
Soundtrack � Bob Dylan � Live 1975

So I just got home from running some errands before I go away on Friday, and before the holiday tomorrow. When I say errands I mean buy this new Dylan live CD, buy some blank CD�s so I can make CD�s tomorrow while I�m sitting here doing nothing, buy marijuana, buy a new map book that doesn�t have the pages torn out and stuffed into places they needn�t be, clean the car out. I didn�t get the last two done. First off, there is snow on the ground here, and ice, so it�s pretty fucking cold. Not exactly the best weather to clean out your car. Perhaps I can drive the car up to the second floor and into my living room where it is nice and warm, and then clean it. At least the vacuum will reach. I didn�t buy the map book. I went into the big book store and found the travel section started looking at the maps. There were two younger girls looking at the maps too. They were sort of standing in my line of vision, in an area where it looked like whenever I looked at the shelf of map books I needed, it looked like I was checking them out. Starting to feel like a creepy guy stalking girls in a book store, I left without even actually seeing their faces, but because I didn�t want to deal with saying �Excuse me� and having them move out of my line of vision. Plus, if you don�t know how to drive to Philadelphia from Boston, then you are a fucking idiot. I�m generally not an idiot when it comes to that kind thing anyway�

So I put the TV on a few minutes before writing this. We have that music channel that isn�t MTV. Much Music or some shit like that. There is this video I have seen a couple times now. Unfortunately I can�t remember the name of the band. Picture really shitty music with some dumb looking blonde kid with a Mohawk and tattoos all over his hands and neck, etc. Giving me the finger. This fucking 20 year old rich fucking brat in a punk rock band is giving me the finger. I just jerked off to Bjork being strangled by Tony Iommi in my mind, and this asshole is giving me the finger. Who is he telling to fuck off? The camera man? The audience? Terrorism? Authority? Anyway, if anyone knows who this band is, please tell me when they are playing again. I think I am going to take advantage of my 2nd amendment rights finally.

I just bought the new comedy CD by David Cross, and this has to be one of the funniest fucking things I have ever heard in my life. I recommend anyone to get it, if you don�t think it�s funny, well, then I can�t be your friend. There he is, isn�t he funny?

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