Oh Joy!
2002-11-25 || Woo Fucking Hoo-death pixies
soundtrack � operation ivy

A 3 day work week, thanksgiving (sit in the room and wait for food to be cooked, turkey, which has to be my least favorite food), and then go away for the weekend. should be a good week. in work we have some new procedure where we have to charge our customers in New York sales tax�only thing is, you have to figure out what county they live in and then figure it out with a calculator�.this caused me to announce to my crew this morning �If those damn Muslims had done a better job last september, we wouldn�t need to worry about this�. The first key to management is to have a strong ethical belief system in place.

I was just talking to Sarah mindfluff and we were talking about the Ring, and then Lord of the Rings, which led me to believe that if a movie has the word �Ring� in it, it�s most likely not going to be a good movie. I�ll admit, as a youngster I loved Piers Anthony books, and the Lord of the Rings books, and playing Dungeons and Dragons. Once I discovered women though, and how to play the guitar better, my fascination with that kind of stuff ended. I saw the Lord of the Rings movie in the theatre when it came out. I saw it up until around when the old wizard gives him the ring to go on his journey. The next thing I know I was awoken from sleep and the movie was dark and there was a dwarf with an axe. I fell back asleep, and was shaken awake during the credits. Hmmm�it looked visually nice. But, yeah, it had a sleepy effect to it. I tried it again when it came out on DVD a little while ago. This time I took some bong hits, and watched it in the day, sitting at my desk chair, which at the time was uncomfortable, and not ready to fall asleep in. I made it to about when they are in some big area trying to jump onto some ledge, the old wizard doesn�t make it, and evidently falls to his death. He apparently didn�t have any spells that could help him out. I shut it off after this, and decided to jerk off while I still had Liv Tyler fresh in my head. I guess it�s not that I don�t like these movies, and the Star Wars movies (well, those are kind of stupid actually), I just don�t give a fuck. I would rather just watch something with no plot whatsoever where people just get killed over and over. At least that�s entertaining, and something I can relate to, as I often picture people getting killed over and over. Without further ado, the best movies about lots of people getting killed over and over:

1) Saving Private Ryan

2) Schindlers List

3) Platoon

4) Goodfellas

5) The Killer

I have no idea what any of these movies are about, as I only watch movies with the volume turned down and wait for people to get killed. I know that in one of them a lot of Germans and Americans get killed, in one a lot of Jews get killed, in a couple of them a lot of Asian people are killed, and in one a good amount of Italian American�s are killed. That�s a lot of fucking people getting killed.

Speaking of getting killed, I hope it doesn�t snow on our drive to Pennsylvania this weekend.

Last spring, Dan and I went up to Maine to see some rock music, and it snowed so fucking bad that I thought we were going to slide off of a mountain into the bottom of a valley filled with dwarves with axes and death pixies. We didn�t, and it turned out the scariest thing about the trip was the hotel we stayed in

This weekend should be good though, I am looking forward to explore that street again with more time, and meet the people and not have to work. Woo. Fucking. Hoo.

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