Oh Joy!
2002-11-25 || scaredy pants
Soundtrack � king crimson � larks tongues in aspic

Obligatory pic of my cat

So I saw two movies this weekend. The Jerry Seinfeld documentary �comedian�, which was okay, and �The Ring� which might get my vote as the worst movie I�ve seen this year. What is the deal with these movies nowadays, the scary ones are not scary, the funny ones are not funny, and the�it is getting cold as hell here now, which is good. I�m done with sweating.

There is some show on tv about �bubble gum� music. They are showing Leif Garret. Who knew Leif was packing so much heat? He has some pretty tight jeans on.

speaking of people with big dicks, I have to make a CD for Aarne, and watch some of this:

, so�yeah

before & after