Oh Joy!
2002-11-21 || I'm going to open a bank

Was anyone surprised about this?

Soundtrack � some shitty reggae someone is playing in here played by white people.

So now the plan has changed for Dan and I. We are apparently going to head to Philadelphia on Friday of next week, and head up to the gig in Wilkes-Barre the next evening, and drive back from there on Sunday morning. That weekend is apparently the �busiest shopping day of the year� what better time to travel. I am going to bring so much crystal meth with me that it won�t even be funny!

This morning, my alarm clock was set for 7AM. I went to bed at 1:15 or so last night. The alarm was going off, I heard it I think. I finally shut it off at 8:47 AM. The 11-year old boy that I had sleep over last night didn�t wake up though, which is good. Must be the ether rag I used to get him asleep last night.

Anyway, I take my shower and come out in my black bathrobe with the Iron Maiden patch on the back of it and decide I am going to wear something different today. I�ve fallen into this routine of wearing the same 4 outfits over a month period. This morning though, I wanted to try something different. To my astonishment though, I open my closet and whoa�

So I�ve decided I am going to open a bank. Men own banks right? Why can�t I open a bank? I am a free man. I have rights. I have the drive to make some serious bling-bling

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