Oh Joy!
2002-11-11 || strawberry, dark meet them at this gazebo and kill NOW!
soundtrack � john coltrane � a love supreme

I just got back from vacation. None of the good pictures really came out. Jodie is very nice. I like Oklahoma. The rest is none of your fucking business so shut the fuck up and stop reading this right now.

So being back around here makes me remember why I am on edge all of the time, and feel like either a) throwing up, b) killing, c) killing, d) throwing up 90 % of the time. People here in Massachusetts suck. The women especially, what a waste of my fucking time they all are. Useless. I don�t want to be in this state anymore, I don�t like the attitudes of people here, and I don�t like that there are people all over the place. I hate it here and want to leave as soon as I can. Or I will go on a killing spree and murder innocent people like those snipers. I am going to start in my town, Salem, kill everyone I know there, and then move on to strangers. I want to start killing my friends now, this way I don�t have to feel guilty for not calling anyone anymore. Is it okay to just not want to leave your house ever?

It is an unusually warm day here with some clouds in the sky. Perhaps I will get that package in the mail today.

I am going to go jerk off in the bathroom in my office now.

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