Oh Joy!
2002-10-09 || the last night at the fair
soundtrack � Sly and the Family Stone � Life

So the Topsfield Fair is in town this week. Basically, a bunch of people with mullets, moustaches, and women with LA Raiders jackets on walking around with stuffed animals, and men with no teeth asking if you want to waste a dollar and try to win a Motley Crue mirror. Me, I like to go for the following:


veal cutlets, the best on the east coast

I�m supposed to go this Friday night I think, but the fact that I have 11 dollars on me right now, and 9 cigarettes, maybe an 1/8 of a gallon of gas, and no drugs, I probably will end up unfortunately not at the fair. No big deal though, I would be bored within 20 minutes, and if you think of it. I could do the following things at home:

I will try to scrape some money up though, as I would like to hang with the trash.

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