Oh Joy!
2002-10-09 || my child
Soundtrack � Albert Ayler � Bells

Can you say �bling-bling�?

So today was a long ass fucking day at work. My company distributes children�s music, which I don�t really have any hand in. The guy that normally does it called in sick, so I was doing all of his work today. ALL FUCKING DAY. Entering Arthur, and the Magic School Bus, and the Teletubbies, Curious George goes to the methadone clinic, etc.

I know one thing, if I ever have children, I will not subject them to this kind of music. Children�s music. Fuck.

My kids will be forced to listen to these records:

When I was young we had tons of records at the house, and none of them were children�s music. I do not have this outfit anymore.

My child will listen to avant garde jazz, and that�s it. My child will only be allowed to watch C-Span, and he will drink expensive white wine from Japan.

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