Oh Joy!
2002-10-04 || the new me
soundtrack � james brown � get on the good foot�and then smoke pcp and point guns at people! uh!

So probably not the brightest idea I�ve ever had but I just had a �Cockdriver� at lunch. A �Cockdriver� is when you take 4 or 5 Viagra, and wash it down with a glass of vodka and orange juice. So right now I�m a little slurred, and I am ready for action any fucking minute.

Last night I bought the new book created by the people from the Onion, as well as this book called Arcana: Musicians on Music which John Zorn put together and has essays on music written by folks from all over. It looks interesting, I�ll make sure not to talk about it again if it makes people uncomfortable though. I tend to make people uncomfortable sometimes, so I�ve decided to tone it down a bit. For now on, I am going to talk about the following things:


getting in trouble with the police:


stealing money from moms purse

girls going wild

and of course ventriliquism

oh, and Jesus puppets

I won�t be mean and talk mean things unless I think I am being attacked by a monster.!

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