Oh Joy!
2002-10-01 || 300 feared duped

So there I am in line at the Chinese Laundromat, when all of a sudden I realize I have just shit myself. No, So there I am in line at the Chinese Restaurant when all of a sudden I realize I have just pissed my pants. No, So there I am in line at the Chinese Grocery Store, when I realize the little 9 year old boy I am checking out in front of me is actually a 12 year old girl with short hair. Much better.

It�s summer out today, it�s October fucking first, and it�s 80 degrees out. I have one nickel in my pocket right now, barely enough gas to get home, and enough drugs and alcohol to last for the next week and a half. Imagine if I got stuck at fucking work until pay day because I don�t have gas to get home, or money to get gas. I will blow my head off in front of executives with expensive shiny metal shotgun if this is the case. I will blow guts and brains all over conference room shiny table. I will make black man that cleans building clean my head off of shiny new conference room table where board meetings and important events take place. This is what I have to do at lunch today.

Over the weekend, I joined a country music band called �Honky Grass�. They play in the area north of Boston, and play old country music in the style of George Jones, Hank Williams, Marty Robbins, and guys like that. I will play rhythm guitar with them for the months of November and December. I am a little excited about this.

I can�t believe there was another plane crash. People wonder why I don�t fly, and it�s shit like this that makes me scared to fly, and why not? This one is particularly fucked, as it flew from Boston, and crashed into some mountains in upstate New York or something. The number of deaths is like 300 or something. I like having control of my own destiny, and being in an airplane, I don�t feel I have that. I need to find out more about this crash on the news today.

I should get back to work, I�m not really busy at all today, but I really honestly feel like I am slacking, and I feel guilty about it. I really do feel like that right now.

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