Oh Joy!
2002-09-27 || hello cleveland!
soundtrack � sonic youth � daydream nation

I�ve been daydreaming of this nation all fucking day actually. I�ve got it. Ohio. Niagra Falls. I�m going there. I always go south, or to like Pennsylvania, or Albany. I want to go to Ohio, and I want to go now. Don�t ask any fucking questions, I�m going to do it, and there�s nothing you can say to stop me. I am inquiring about my vacation time right now. I think I still have 2 weeks left this year. Next subject.

I watched 2 movies yesterday, actually, about 5 total, but 2 that I had to put in a machine and watch. I got my Gold membership at Blockbuster in the mail, which basically means �Hi, I never have sex�. They even send you a letter with it that says �you have rented over 10,000 movies in the last month or whatever, so now you are special� Why can�t I get one of these for something better. My drug dealer. �Christian, you have now spent $1000 on marijuana in the past year, you can have either 10 grams of mescaline, or, a night on the town with this beautiful Lebanese Call Girl who can�t speak a word of English.� Instead I get this card, that doesn�t seem much different than the other one I had. it�s gold and pretty. I am going to keep it showing in my wallet though, this way, it looks like I have like a gold Master Card or something. Perhaps in Cleveland, this will work out for me. Maybe in Cleveland, people admire people with the Gold Blockbuster membership. Maybe people in Cleveland have no idea that I will come to their city, and fucking�I don�t know, sit in my hotel and masturbate, and then go out and walk around and fucking just be happy that for some reason I am in Cleveland, on mescaline. I need to do this before the snow starts coming. I need to do this before I kill another bunny rabbit. October 14th perhaps, paycheck wise, that works.

I will kill bunny rabbits, know what I�m talking about?


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