Oh Joy!
2002-09-27 || central heating = freedom
Soundtrack � �pay the fucking man!�

At 2:12 AM EST this is what:

Wandering around the record shop seeing 18 past crushes in 18 minutes

Seeing 27 records I need

The only thing this cup of coffee is doing for me right now

The only thing it does is keep me from reading the correct things

The right things I need to read

My eyes move too fast on the caffeine and nicotine diet

I think I smoked 350 cigarettes today, I�m not sure

Did they miss me?


What were they all wearing?

The gamblers

The thieves

I live amongst them

Just read what was inside of me all summer

The way things are going now

There is nothing else that can happen

It is all up hill from here

Nobody understands this

They offer handkerchiefs and jokes

Come on, have you seen what my smile is all about?

I wear it inside out

No, actually I don�t ridicule

I don�t point my finger

I point my finger at myself

I take it out on myself

Not others

Never, right?


I woke up this morning right

It was late in the morning

Talking to myself

Like this, and like that

Short little lines to myself



When I cut my hair, I didn�t lose my strength like Samson

I lost my job, my wife, and my kids

I never had any of that

But I was assured I wouldn�t get it, ever

Hence me now using my fingers




They think it�s something else

What a joke it can be

Having to explain things

When it�s all easy to the naked eye

When I have a secret

The first thing I do it

Record it into a tape machine

Then, and only then do I tell everyone in the world this secret

before & after