Oh Joy!
2002-09-24 || Don't call me honkey, honkey
Soundtrack � miles davis � bitches brew

It�s past 2AM, and I just cooked steak, mashed potatoes, played with the cat, and decided I needed to finish this 20 oz cup of coffee before going to sleep. The alarm clock will surely attempt to wake me again tomorrow, after it�s failed attempt this morning. I wonder why it�s voice didn�t get hoarse from yelling from 7AM until 9:44 when I finally heard it. The best thing, is it�s right next to the window, and the folks next door always tell me they hear it going off and want to kill me. They must have loved it for 2 hours and 45 minutes at 7AM today. They could have watched most of Titanic, or Shindler�s List while it went off. Perhaps that�s why they get pissed, they are trying to watch long movies, and my beeping ruins it for them. I have been flirting with the idea of calling in sick tomorrow, but I don�t think I will. I have a meeting at 10:30 AM, and I have some shit to catch up on. The ADD hasn�t been affecting me since I haven�t had pot. Maybe it�s not ADD, maybe it�s �too much pot smoking you dumb fucking hippie� or something like that.

Dan�s new song (�the first one� he showed us) has been going through my head since we left rehearsal. And then I bought a scratch ticket for 2 dollars, and won $40, or �won� $38 rather.

I just got through itching some sort of bug bite off of my foot, this should feel good in the shower in the morning. You know what I�m talking about. Fuck

I could write a 900 word essay on why everyone needs to own this CD, but I could also write a 900 word essay on why half of society doesn�t understand why they need to own this CD, or any CD from Miles. I own about 75 Miles Davis CD�s or so, and this one, well, this box set, has been in my computer player for a week straight now in one form or another. To me, it works great at night. At one point, Wynton Marsalis said something along the lines of �no further music created henceforth be considered jazz unless it slavishly imitates a style already long ago admitted to the jazz canon�. I think he is kind correct. There are folks reinventing jazz, but this is sort of the last plateau if you ask me. Some people accused Miles of going electric to sell more records, but this is such bullshit, it�s not even funny. This is not accessible to the average listener. Nobody who bought Dave Brubeck, Vince Guaraldi, Satchmo, or Dizzy records was down with this stuff when it came out. It was fresh, it was dark and mysterious, and opened up so many new opportunities. Some think he was trying to connect to the white rock audience. Once black people started rising up and demanding equal rights, and more social freedoms, they looked towards funk pioneers like Sly Stone (�Don�t Call Me Nigger, Whitey�), and James Brown (�Say it Loud, I�m Black and I�m Proud�), and Miles responded with On the Corner, one of the funkiest records Miles ever made. After this, he got a little more ambient and to my ears anyway, was mixing some of the melancholy tones and melodies of his famous quartet work, with new, fresh directions virtually unheard of. I remember listening to this era of Miles in upstate Maine, way up by the Canadian border in the middle of the night, feeling like I was on another planet. That was the first time I �got it� anyway. Shit, it�s almost 3, and I�m trying to explain why I like Miles Davis. Fuck.

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