Oh Joy!
2001-09-12 || Better Git It In Your Soul
Soundtrack � Charles Mingus � Mingus Ah Um

Tonight was an okay night, I successfully got the new Dylan record, put it on, and realized I was on my way to moving the band equipment and wouldn�t have time to take it in so I took it out and decided to �deal with it� tomorrow. ( I don�t think I can see that one angle shot of the plane going into that building again, it makes me sick to my stomach. Why are they even showing the footage of people jumping out of the building? ) A new Dylan album for a long time was something I either didn�t know about, or something I just didn�t care about. I had all of what I thought were his �classic� albums, and didn�t write him off, but just thought to myself �I have enough Dylan, at least he�s still out there� There was that comfortable feeling that he was still out there doing something, which gave me a content feeling I guess. So this record is highly anticipated, the talk around the music world is about how Rolling Stone gave it a 5-star review, something unheard of. I guess I�ll have to make my own decision. The last record was brilliant, and timed perfectly in my life at the time, as it came at a time when a long time girlfriend of mine broke up. That record was my soundtrack for a long time. As melancholy as the whole record is, I can still listen to it comfortably. ( As big of a deal, and how awful of a thing this was that happened today, do we really want to forget the fact that we are just as guilty, or the American Government rather, of terrorist attacks such as this? I feel almost hypocritical inside when I get choked up watching a president I hated 9 months ago when he became our leader, feeling like I should be right behind him. Like it�s my duty or something like that.) I look forward to diving into this record. Seeing as there isn�t much else coming out that I am looking forward to. Should I be looking forward to another boring band of young white kids with those stupid �emo-glasses� crying about girls and math homework?

The show went well last night. We played O�Brien�s in Allston, a bar that we all enjoy. JDG said it probably wouldn�t get cooler on a weekend, I tend to disagree. I don�t consider any bar �cool� per se. But the vast majority of bars, or clubs in this city are filled with 20 something college fucks that reek of expensive cologne, and are all wearing some sort of mask, trying to get laid. ( Today at work was long. The crew left early on. I have no idea why. When I got in at 10AM the mood was excitement, depression, and all around feeling one can�t really describe. Obviously, everyone was talking about it. There were three different radios playing it. Nobody was paying much attention to �work�, including myself. It was indeed tough to concentrate, but after a while, they all left. I eventually turned off the radio, and threw a Jimmy Smith record on the boom box. The record of mostly ballads put me in more of a somber mood. I shut that off, and dealt with silence for the remainder of the day. ) Anyway, I don�t think any bar is going to be better or worse than another one, as they are filled with pretty much the same people. They just get uglier when you are in smaller dirty bars. I thought we played a good set: Michael Douglas segued into Down the Stairs on the Right. We jammed that out for 15 minutes or so, then played Art Garfunkel, and then Paul Stanley. Paul Stanley has been a song eluding us for a while. We attempted to play it in the same place our first time there, and the electricity went out so it was aborted. Anyway, I think the jam was good in the song, we made a bunch of noise, and the band was all �ON� from what I could see. I think it was a little over 15 minutes as well. We all sort of decided to shelf the song for now. The song isn�t as good as we originally thought, and it�s easy and hard at the same time to do correctly. I think the one on the record is good, and should be the one to judge upon other ones we may have done in rehearsals, etc. ( I was told that all of the Strabucks closed down today. What a bunch of shitheads. What were they worried they wouldn�t sell any 5 dollar cups of coffee? The taking over of the world they plan was put on hold I guess. Anyway, I was a little miffed I didn�t get to get my free coffee today. I guess in the grand scheme of things, there are people who are miffed that their husbands, wives, friends, etc didn�t come home from work, so I�ll get my free coffee tomorrow then) I think we are going to start writing in the standard tuning now, or at least a small amount of songs anyway. As it stands now, all of our songs are in the DADABE tuning, which to me is the easy way out! It�s easy to write songs in that tuning that sound good. The other band that played was pretty good as well. They were pretty loud, but had some cool songs, and I recognized the singer as the bartender at the bar we go to every other Thursday. Hey wait, I hate bars. Heh. So all these shows are coming up, records are being released, yet I don�t care. Again, I am being soured on the music scene.(Peter Jennings looks exhausted) Even the acts I considered important are growing increasingly more mundane and boring. Predictable garbage being fed to any asshole who wants to buy into it. I can�t imagine a worse period for music than 1990-present. Recently, I�ve been getting more into the Miles �fusion� period, Can, Sun Ra, Beefheart, Fred Firth, and anything that is �hard� to listen to I guess. I�ve slowly been selling all of my �indie-rock�, �emo�, etc. It doesn�t really do anything for me in way of challenging me, plus, for the most part, I have no desire to want to listen to what any singer has to say, as it�s usually nothing interesting. Yeah, the guy in Weezer really speaks to me.

( I guess I go to sleep feeling a little awkward. I have no real feelings I guess but disbelief, and anger. I am not going to throw anger at a group of people, I�m not even going to throw anger around and say things like �I hope they kill the motherfuckers� I don�t hope they �kill the motherfuckers�, I�d rather just we find out why the fuck things like this need to happen. Killing them, or �setting an example� is not going to work with crazy people like this, it�s a stupid thing the president is going to have you believe. Revenge, and concepts like that are a waste of energy. Try just continuing to send positive energy out yourself. Watching all the New York residents on TV is all the evidence you need to ignore any sort of negative energy you want to send out. Or, maybe, don�t listen to me, I rarely know what I�m talking about anyhow.

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