Oh Joy!
2001-09-10 || fela
SOUNDTRACK � Fairport Convention � Anthology

It�s hot outside today. We have the gig tonight. I am busy at work right now, but figured I could get an entry in while taking a deserved rest. Today we are giving reviews to folks. Two people I reviewed are not getting raises, as I didn�t think their performances proved they deserve money. I like the argument people use �If you give me more money, I will perform better� Sorry, this is not a fucking Eagles concert, I�m not giving you a raise so you can promise me you�ll be good. You haven�t shown me a fucking thing, you don�t deserve to be rewarded. Anyway, one of the people just gave me their notice that they are leaving the company. Oh well, I guess I�m a tyrant�heh. Anyway, four other people got raises. I just don�t believe in people who cut corners, or slack on their job (meanwhile I write this on my work time ) getting rewards. Usually these same people are liberals, which is sort of funny, as these people always seem to think they are being wronged. They fail to look in the mirror from time to time, which could possibly help them. Good luck.

Tonight should be a good time. I enjoy playing in Allston; even though it is hot as piss out, and there was short notice, I think the band is growing day by day, until soon, when we should be able to rock the Fleet Center in Boston, and leave others in the dust. Now if Aarne and Dan can figure out how to play in the same key, things will be even better�just kidding.

I am in such a good mood today. The sun is out, I have a nice bag of marijuana in the car. I have a good selection of music today, and the reviews so far have gone okay. No one has strangled me. I need more coffee to get me through though. It�s doubtful I will last on this positive vibe coming out of my fingers. Sometimes I wish the other me would feel the same way day to day. The other me always tries to take over but regardless, He�s inside and will come out at 10pm this evening I guess.

I�d have to say that Fela Kuti is a great musician. I�ve been listening to him a great deal lately, and the music transcends anything African Americans are doing right now in the pop music world. Regardless of the fact that he was sort of a sexist bastard at times (eventually dying of AIDS in 1997), his mother was an early feminist activist in Africa. He wanted to be a musician as a young African, but his parents sent him to London to college. He was then introduced to books by Malcolm X, Eldridge Cleaver, and other proponents of Black nationalism and Afrocentrism. When he returned to Nigeria, he founded a communal compound-cum-recording studio and rehearsal space he called the Kalakuta Republic, and a nightclub, the Shrine. It was around this time that he dropped his given middle name of Ransome, which he said was a slave name, and took the name Anikulapo (meaning "he who carries death in his pouch"). He became an outspoken activist/musician, and generated a large fan base among poor folks in Africa. With similarities to Bob Marley, and Peter Toshs� lives, Fela was harassed by police throughout his life. At one point, soldiers invaded is commune and beat him, and threw his 82 year-old mother out of a window (she eventually died from this). Anyway, the music is funky and jazzy �afro-beat� as he dubbed it. You should check him out. He recorded well over 50 records, and they are currently being reissued here in the states. Check him out.

I need to get back to work.

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