Oh Joy!
2001-08-08 || the description of a fool in less than 500 words
Soundtrack � the sound of you fools hitting the floor

So we�re going to cape cod in a few minutes. I already had one trip this weekend. I went to long island new york, upstate new york, you fucking name it I was there. I saw a good amount of hippies, we stayed with some good people in upstate new york. We took a ferry across the long island sound or whatever the fuck that silly thing is called. I hate boats. I did alright on this. At one point, while nobody was looking, I knocked this old man right over the railing into the ocean. On the way back I did the same thing to a little guy with long blue hair and tan eyes. He was looking at me funny, so I dropped him in the ocean. Fools get knocked in the ocean, that�s all there is to it. i went to this website last night makeoutclub or some lame shit like that. what a bunch of non-heterosexuals up on that piece, all the broads look the same on there, and all the dudes look like they just stepped out of the ramrod club on boylston. i now don't want my band to have any connection to "indie rock" after looking and reading about there people. what a bunch of fucking tools.

We had hot band rehearsal last night. It was 80 degrees, the heterosexuals in the band (me) didn�t mind the heat though. I like playing the guitar with sweat and sore fingers, it makes me feel like T-Bone Walker, or one of those motherfuckers.

I�m on vacation for another week or so. Motherfuckers need to get back to work though, and get some shit done in the office. I like this slacker lifestyle for a few days, then it feels like I�m doing nothing at all.

I think I may see the planet of the apes at one point on this trip, I love tim burton, and I love monkeys, so it should be a good time.

I should start packing some shit up for this trip so I can be well packed up for this trip. This dude shawn from lynn, he likes getting well packed from time to time, him and this dude dan from Saugus. Those dudes are packing heat at all times of the day.

I have like three songs I�m going to throw at the band once we get back to rehearsing next week. Hopefully by then, the heterosexuality of a band will start to appear again and we won�t be blowing off practices to hang out with chicks, and radio stations to play records by Queen, and Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Fools get knocked on the floor.

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