Oh Joy!
2001-07-26 || willem dafoe, bassist of zz top
another night of not getting sleep, i just got off the phone with angela and told her i was going to sleep, the computer was on, so i had to come on here for a couple minutes. sorry i lied hun, i'll never do it again.

tonight i went with shane and shawn up to new hampshire where we talked about life in general, and life with genitals. i went into a store up there called Tibetan Boutique. i used to work on the beach there, and these Tibetan women used to work next to me selling clothes and jewelry. they have a new store, as the old complex we were all in burned down a couple years back. i went in and saw the old woman, and i think her grandson. they remembered me and we chatted for a few minutes. i asked how her granddaughter Yang-Chen was. she was the little 8 year old girl that would hang around the store all day with me and the guy in the coffee shop next door. we would play video games and buy her fruit juice. she's now twelve years old, and they said she would be there later in the summer. i will probably drop by again and say hello. they are sweet people, and they talked to me a bunch about life in Tibet, and their religion. i enjoyed that as an alternate to the mundane life of everyone else at that beach. i should hang this up now.


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