Oh Joy!
2001-07-24 || mini-van patrol, suck my dick
So last night pulling into this 7-11 to buy some cigarettes this old man pulled up right behind me in a mini-van. He got out and said �you were driving a little fast in my town, I live here, and you were going about 35-40, that�s too fast� I was a bit shocked, but not really, since I was in his hometown of Marblehead Massachusetts, which is filled with a bunch of fucking tight asses. I said �35 is too fast, okay have a good night pal� He then said �think it�s funny, I�ll take it down to the police�. This old man, what a disturbed fuck. I hope he lives a more miserable life than he already is living. I hope his wife just died, and now he�s feeling all alone, and he�s going to have a long painful death. He couldn�t stand to go home and bear the house without Ethyl. He still makes her side of the bed every night. She�s not coming back though. He makes dinner for two every night. He wishes he wasn�t rotten to her all those years. Now he�s lonely, and he�s reduced to jerking off to school girls in the park, and yelling at people he thinks are worse than him. Fuck him and his town. I should have just followed him home and beat him to death in front of his house. He could have showed up in heaven with his Marblehead Pride in tow. �I died defending my town from the evils of guys who drive 35� Enjoy your last few years on earth buddy. Do the world a favor and die soon though.

I got 8 hours of sleep last night and I feel better now. I can see, and I my muscles don�t ache. Aside from the music that is playing in my office right now, I feel good. It�s going to be 100 degrees today apparently.

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