Oh Joy!
2000-09-17 || 150 reasons to drive slower
Soundtrack � Digable Planets � Blowout Comb

It�s 2:09 AM EST on a Sunday morning, or late Saturday night, however you want to look at it. I feel more sober than David Crosby, especially after last nights debacle. Well, there really was no �debacle�, when I looked at what I wrote here last night though, I chuckled to myself. Shawn had a few people over his place and I drank Miller High Life for some reason or another, 6 of them to be exact; I never drink 6 beers�we then had some hash, and it was �all over�. I turned into the guy sticking around the party until nobody was there, still drinking and wondering �so what�s going on now?�

Tonight was a pretty good night. I�ve met someone �new�. She�s a bit younger than me I guess, but seems to have her shit together, and is really nice, makes me smile, and all of that. We went to eat with a friend of hers tonight, and I will hopefully see more of her. I think I will. I guess things work out when I calm myself down a little, and think about what it is I actually want in a girl or relationship or whatever you call it. Once I have a weekend of social outings and all of that I feel better. I have tried hard to get rid of some of the negativity that permeates my self every other day or so. Work, and a series of letdowns led to all of that. I am working more now, doing more at work, and generally feel good right now. Whenever this happens, I never have anything �fun� or �mean� to say on here.

Listening to the following CD�s in the changer: Digable Planets � Blowout Comb, Tribe Called Quest � Midnight Marauders, Jungle Brothers � Done By The Forces of Nature. I love hip hop. I never really talk about it in here. I�ve liked this stuff for a while. I�m pretty picky about it though. I hate Eminem, new Dr. Dre (nothing beats The Chronic for a nice ride in the summer along the beach or just out in the sun, good beats, Long Beach), don�t like the Wu-Tang Clan that much, aside from the first album. I like this more laid back stuff like De La Soul, Tribe, Jungle Brothers, and then some of the old school underground type stuff like EPMD, Gang Starr, Public Enemy, Biz Markie, etc. There is some cool new stuff though, like Common, Mos Def, and that new Wyclef Jean record is pretty good. I think some of the more positive stuff is a great extension of old stuff like Curtis Mayfield, Gil Scott Heron (The Revolution Will Not Be Televised), Sly and the Family Stone, and some of the more political artists of the late 60�s and early 70�s. The past ten years or so I�ve gotten into a lot of the soul stuff my parents listened to in the 70�s. Some of it is cheesy, but Earth Wind and Fire absolutely rips up the funk consistently. The O�Jays, Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes, all that stuff, there�s some great songs there. James Brown is always in my CD wallet in the form of two or three CD�s. Soul music. There�s nothing better than it, besides jazz anyway�I can�t imagine not having music to get through the day. I think he wrote about this same thing recently. I need to have it all day. Maybe because I have that ringing in my ears from standing next to the amplifier at band rehearsal, or maybe I just need to create some sort of mood throughout the day. When I go on my road trips in the car for a couple weeks at a time, I usually have to take well over 200 CD�s and 100 tapes with me.

I feel dizzy all of a sudden, I need to write more tomorrow, a whole lot to say, a small amount of sleep and a headache all day has put me where I am right this second.


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