Oh Joy!
2000-09-10 || look, I wrote you a letter and everything
Soundtrack � Jimmy Smith � Live! Root Down

Hey, How are you? I�m pretty good I guess. I ate a little too much at dinner and now feel a little bloated, you know how it is! So the reason I was writing was�well actually I had a couple of reasons. One is, I miss you. That sounds strange to you probably, well let me tell you. What I know about you, and what you know about me is enough for right now. No sense in going through the motions as they say. So yeah, even though at this point in time it would seem odd to say, I miss you. I haven�t talked to you in a few, I haven�t seen you in even more. It�s okay though, I have a picture I look at, and I have some of your letters saved that I read from time to time to get me through the day. One of the other reasons was, are you scared of me or something? I swear to god I don�t bite or anything like that. I swear to god I don�t push girls into corners figuratively, or literally. I have bad grammar issues, but I will always tell you the truth no matter how much of a run on sentence I am using to get my feelings across to you when I feel I need to and can�t talk to you at a moments notice. So, no don�t be scared of me, I swear to god I am a nice boy, I have references and I have a resume I could give you. It tells you everything I want, and I everything I want to give. It doesn�t say what I want to compromise though. It doesn�t say that I will change into Barry White at the snap of a finger. It lets me have some freedoms you know! I�d like to see yours actually, as we haven�t really discussed it. So yeah, I was basically writing to ask you what you wanted. What did you want the other night? What do you want right now? I�m not trying to put you on the spot at all. Can�t you tell me? I have a real open mind when it comes to those things. I have an open mind, and can bend, I just need to get it on the table. I want you to know one thing anyway, I am intrigued, and that�s all. I just don�t want to get all caught in this and that and the other thing only to just come out of it with a bunch of words to write down on a piece of paper. Lord knows I don�t want that again! So�ummm�yeah, I guess I�m gonna go. Maybe I shouldn�t even be writing this to you. Maybe I should just leave it on my desktop, and read it to you over the phone the next time you call. I always wish I had something to say to you more important when you call, or vice versa. Either way, drop me a line, as I�d love to talk�talk about whatever, no pressure, no bullshit. I just feel a little weird right now. I am always feeling weird, and for once think you could help me out feeling normal, or something like that. So yeah, give me a call this week sometime. 853-6900�you know the area code!



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