Oh Joy!
2000-09-06 || I'd take her to the Regal Begal
Soundtrack - Medeski Martin and Wood - Shack-Man

If anyone even thinks about bugging me in here today I�m going to have their fucking head for lunch. She�s loud, she�s selfish, and she generally bugs the piss out of me. Yesterday, I �told on� her. I could very well be her boss at some point soon. Yesterday I hopefully got her in some sort of trouble. She�s having trouble paying bills and staying above water. Fuck, let�s see what happens when she loses her job because she decided to be annoying on a day that I didn�t feel like dealing with her bullshit. I have shit to do today, and she makes me skip a beat. She makes the day start and stop over and over. She makes everyone in here frown. She is the devil. She�s one of �them�, go figure. They�re all like that. We knew that though. Oh shit, I think last night I said I wasn�t going to talk shit about people anymore�well, I�m typing shit, that don�t count :-)

She�s the opposite of this: The one that greets me after breakfast. The one that uses all these silly little nicknames. The one that confuses me. The one that spins me around with her mind. The one who sounds like my favorite actress. The one who sees me and helps me out somehow. The one that hasn�t crossed any lines with me. The one that will listen to words I say. The one that greets me in the morning. Everytime I think I lost the gamble, she comes through. Like that horse with three legs that you bet on just for the hell of it. Her grammar makes mine look like an english professional in writing. Her eyes captured me a month and a day after the summer solstice. I could call her right now, just to hear her voice. I could call her and tell her to leave work and she wouldn�t come and see me. I would leave work to see her though. I keep making these little promises, and maybe I just don�t believe it, but I never know what it sounds like. Do I sound like me, or do I sound like Larry from Three�s Company? I�d take her to the Regal Begal I swear to fucking god and his son.

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