Oh Joy!
2000-08-31 || i'm glad she left, wait what was it
I ha ve a go od feel ing ins ide, wa it, no, I ha ve a si ck feel ing ins ide. I ju st retu rned fr om a gig wi th Tony in the city. We were immedi ateely surro unded by wo men. Wel l, actu ally, I ran in to a cou ple wo men from work, we sat with the m and teir friends. I ju st had d�j� vu. Now I feel a litt le dru nk, and of cou rse, in one of those moods, I sho uld maybe be going to bed shortly, as this is no way for a man to feel, espec ially kno wing what tomorro w looks like. Grim, busy, never ending, a million things to do. The band was go od though. The drin ks flowed. The rock and the roll, and yeah�.shit I have a million things to say, but I�ll th row up if I continue. In a nutshel, I�m happy, I enjoy the company of my new friend, ev en if I�ve never hu ng out with her really. I like happy. I like this alittle. Okay, enough, Don�t fuck everyt hing and ever yone like I said before. Don�t; believe a word I say out of my mouth ever don�t read this if you want to kn ow wh at id o every day, do n�t re ad thi ns for the ans wers. Look to what I saw in the sjky tonight. Look to the floor, don�t look at this for me. Please. I mean puh-leeze, do you real ly thingk this could be all of it?

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