Oh Joy!
2000-08-08 || here's a little silence
Soundtrack * Captain Beefheart � Live in Liverpool 1980

It all gets blurry this far in it all gets blurry with this much mileage put on the engine it gets filled with clouds smoke and visions of kisses and looks of comfort it gets blurry and I can�t get thoughts of being thrown out of a window out of my head I can�t even sleep without picturing that long fall to the pavement I can sleep on this I can get myself up in the morning now balance a glass on my hand while my other hand is tied behind my back I can shut my heart off from time to time and forget myself this is what I need right now more than ever this is definitely what I want to find in front of me a blank piece of paper I blank screen the floor looks up at me and begs me to lay down for the night lay there sit there in the dark and look into the eyes of someone it begs me to go away and find another hobby.

With that said, I�m taking a couple of days off from this. I can�t really write right now. I�ve exhausted myself, I don�t know where I am right now. I need a couple of days of sleep, no thinking and silence. I�ll be back shortly�Here�s a little silence in the meantime--

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