Oh Joy!
2000-08-05 || you are tjhe woh hold on a minute
Now I use a different method. You can�t count on man or machinery. Well, you count on this though. I feel like I should feel like I should throw up, but I don�t. Maybe an hour ago I should have felt like I was going to throw up. I can�t see anything right now though. Bear with me honey. I met up with Sarah and Ian today. Got them into a hotel, and we had a little dinner. It�s nice to see her again. It almost feels like it did the first time I met her, just a bit more comfortable. Afterwards, I drove home and it was still a little early. I met up with some friends at the outdoor bar thingy and drank way too much Southern Comfort. Now I�m here still feeling a little bit drunk with Miles Davis and a bunch of pictures in my head of what I want and how I want it. I have all these images in my head. It�s so hard to read things. It�s so hard to read some people. I never really know what�s going on here. I got to the point, and I�m here right now(so sick of the back space button) where I don�t remember a thing. I don�t remember someone from yesterday. I don�t remember a voice from two days ago. I don�t remember anything. There are things that I remember very vividly though. The best feeling I�ve had in the world two months ago. That old feeling. That feeling of comfort and just�who knows what it is. Everyday is a different day though. One day is this, one day is that. Tonight I saw two girls from a long time ago that I couldn�t introduce because me memory forgot their names. Fuck I�m drunk, dizzy and I wish I could be on the phone with her instead of this�

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