Oh Joy!
2000-07-25 || and then there was a nun
First of all, don�t put me on the fucking spot like that. Secondly don�t touch. Please just don�t ever touch. Flirting is not in my agenda with you, sorry. Last but not least don�t ask me so many fucking questions. This is what I deal with everyday. Pitter patter, blah blah blah. There�s not really anything between us except air and space. I llok at everyone differenlty. I need to treat this one like this, this one like that. I need to fill this ones needs for this and this ones needs for that. Fuck that. I�m not a fucking machine here to just pump out good times. Fuck all of that. I�m here, but pretend I�m not here. It will just make me feel better, and make you feel better in the long run. I�m not going to every make you happy. I�ll bring you so much misery you�ll wish you never met me. Please stay far away from me. Far away. Stay close to me. I like the ego boost. Keep asking me questions. Try and pull some private information about me out into the open, go ahead and try. I can�t even talk to people I like, what makes you think I�m going to answer your little questions. Are you dying to know whom �that girl� is I always talk about? Are you dying to finally see my room? Shall I keep holding doors for you, or let them slam back in your face. I�ve told you �no� one hundred times. I�ve told you over and over that it�s over. It never started. It�s over. The phone calls are just in the way now. You must have my voice mail memorized by now. You must have my face memorized. I can�t even get the satisfaction of beating off to you., as I have no clue what you look like. Whatever with you though. I�ll be thinking of you the next time I get laid.

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