Oh Joy!
2000-07-16 || Priscilla Presleys sister
Sound Squirrel Nut Zippers - The Inevitable

So I just returned from lunch with Stefanie. I went to see her in her "new age book store", there's tourists all over Salem today. I almost hit a few with my car. But we do need the tax money in the community, so I held off. If the tourist had say, 5 bags in their hand, and already spent a ton of money here, sure I may have just hit them with the car. So I go in and amongst the candles, incsence incence, insense insence insence, how the fuck do you spell that?, books on chakras, and witchcraft and feng shuieaey and fucking however you spell all of that stuff that doesn't exist, and we went to eat at this little bar/cafe thingy. There was this drunk woman sitting at the bar talking out loud. Here's some of the things she was saying: "You know the man from Mars who eats cars?", "I'll go into a motherfucking McDonalds, post office, back, I don't give a fuck Mr. FBI man", "How the fuck did you get in my cunt?". All sorts of great stuff. Anyway she started talking to us eventually and told us she was never raised by her real father, he's a famous musician, with over 380 records. "I can't tell you who it is, can you guess?" "Elvis Presley" I replied. "Yup. I was kidnapped...". Now I hate to tell her, but Elvis Presley was hardly a "musician". He was a singer. I like him, but I wouldn't call him a musician! Come on, he was playing an acoustic guitar not even plugged in with his electric band on stage! Actually, that's just an assumption I just made up, as I have no idea if it was plugged in. Regardless, he was no Django on the guitar. Coincidentally, my band is called "Presley".

I feel hot and sick right now. I ate some turkey breast that was as dry as sand. I generally feel like shit right now though. Not in the mood to drive to another concert I feel not that excited about in the first place.

I'm going to get off this, I'm going to try my hand at putting a photo of me on here right this second, let's see what happens no it didn't happen...oh well

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