Oh Joy!
2000-07-16 || me, a to z
soundtrack - The morning, Steely Dan, etc.

So I'm sitting at a picnic table eating barbecue ribs with a bunch of famous Bluegrass musicians, at a NASCAR track. We're talking about my company I work for, and the race, and the food. The phone rings, and it's Sarah in London. I have been having some strange dreams lately, this one takes the cake though in sheer surrealness. So thanks Sarah, I still wasn't done with my ribs in that dream. The one good thing is, I didn't have barbecue sauce all over me when I woke up.

So I've seen this in some diaries here, and I'm going to copy it now, as I've never really done this, and I don't talk enough about myself here...but here are a few things about ME:

**I live in Salem, Massachusetts, but I'm not a witch, I've never been a witch. I do know some witches though.

**I have 2 jobs, one at a record label, the other at a record store.

**I try to play the guitar, and I try to sing for my band.

**I'm Italian, yet I hate tomatoes, as well as most Italian food.

**I have the same birthday as Roseanne Barr, Adam Ant, and Mike Dukakis (November 3rd).

**I have 71 Miles Davis CD's and it's still not enough.

**I've been "in love" twice in my life. Both girls had the same first name.

**My favorite author is Hubert Selby Jr.

**I don't drink, and I think(know) I'm better than people because of it. :)

** Every once and a blue moon I drink, and I think(know) I'm better than people because of it. :)

** I have 20 something tattoos on my arms, and one on my chest.

** I was once tattooed by the man who tattooed Roseanne Barr, it's just two words "Lost Mind".

** My favorite band in the whole world is The Rolling Stones (up to Tattoo You, and some of Emotional Rescue)

** Every Sunday morning (my only day off), I cook breakfast and listen to Charlie Parker.

** I can't sit still.

** I hate Eminem.

** I enjoy M & M's

** I've seen Phish 65 times in ten years

** I have a fairly big group of friends, their names are: Sarah, Jeremy, Matt, Christian, Shawn, Tony, Stephen Hill and Tracey, Dorian, Heather, Stefanie, Lindsey, Annu, and then there's the friends of theirs that I can't think of right now, and don't really give a shit about that much anyway, so it's not really a big list, and I actually only call about 4 people on that list.

** The only person I have consistently talked to(through e-mail) every day for almost two years now is Sarah(eris-70), she lives in London, is visiting me in a few weeks, and then moving to Vancouver with her husband.

** I've been "single" for 3 years now

** I feel strange saying "her husband" when talking about Sarah.

** I am the head of the union at my workplace.

** I enjoy caffeine, nicotine, and THC on occassion.

** I am usually insecure about spelling: occassion, necessarrily, and occassionally, and I'm pretty confident there is good reason for that.

** I went to college for a year and a half. I studied my volunteer work at the radio station, and this girl Jennifer Smaltz in my music history class.

** I won't fly, or get in a boat.

** I won't go in the ocean.

** I used to collect Pez dispensers, now I just have a couple of bags of them sitting in my closet.

** Heather just called me.

** I have no idea how to link peoples pages in html, in fact I have no idea how to do anything in html. I would love someone to tell me how to write the word "Sarah" and it would be a bifferent color, and they could click on it, and it would take them to her page.

** I was on the cover of a local newspaper a long time ago with the headline "A kinder, gentler skinhead" It was an article on SHARP (Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice).

** Most skinheads are not racist.

** I have absolutely nothing to do with that anymore, or being a "skinhead", or any kind of label like that thank you.

** I'm never seen in public without a baseball hat on.

** I've smoked 5 cigarettes while writing this.

** I've never seen the movie Casablanca

The phone calls need to stop now. I want to see her, but the late night calls of desperation and craziness need to stop. I don't have the energy for this anymore. It's a bit strange being secret. I kind of like it in a way. I have this whole other part of me that nobody knows about. I go places and don't tell anyone. I can't bring it up here. I can't talk about it with anyone. It's not anyones business anyway. It's my "problem" I guess. But I think I will. So I'm in the book store one night and see this girl carrying around a John Coltrane book. I never go up to people out of the blue, but I was compelled to. That's the end of that story, the rest is history.

This is my last cigarette of the morning...actually it is, as it's 11:59 AM now. I don't look forward to work this week. We have an orientation meeting with some newer employees that are in the union now. I cannot for the life of me talk in front of a crowd. I always make the other guys do it. I just stand there and try to look important. I do not look forward to this. Breakfast.

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