Oh Joy!
2005-11-19 || New Hampshire - Augu
Soundtrack � Jimmy Smith � Home Cookin�
I feel like I could cough my whole body out on to the floor. My back and insides have been aching for a few weeks now. It�s like as soon as I had my last birthday I turned into an old man. There really isn�t anything wrong with this though, no? I can�t imagine going through say�age 23 again. Age 27�.I have no idea what I was doing at these ages, presumably something stupid.
We talked the other night of the taste of alcohol, or beer. Tonight I saw some people drinking some exotic beer on the TV and I briefly wanted to have a beer. I then remembered why I stopped drinking it. Well, I wasn�t drinking more than you know ten beers a month. For some reason I would drink a beer and it would feel like I just ate seven donuts. I would get all lethargic, often get a headache, and just generally feel not good. I honestly can�t imagine having a cold one after work to relax. Whenever people say that to me on say�Friday, �Hey man, can�t wait to go grab a nice beer� I feel like smashing them in the side of the head with my deluxe attachable desk lamp. Seriously, you sound like a fucking jock from 1982 or something. Like you should be in a Burt Reynolds movie. Imagine thinking Burt Reynolds is a good actor? The mere fact that he was in Boogie Nights doesn�t �save his career� or anything. I mean who didn�t think that guy was some perverted old fuck?
1982: Listening to The Who all the time. Getting fat. Having an early mullet. Jerking off so much that my little 12 year old cock was covered in sores. I made that up. Wearing a baseball hat with the brim flipped up like Huntz Hall.
Tomorrow we move into the new rehearsal space. I�m pretty psyched for the change. I have a million ideas in my head for new songs, and kind of started coming up with another �concept� group of songs like the Elizabeth ones called �The Mansion�. I�ll get into that later though.
The black guy at my work is becoming increasingly annoying thanks to me opening the doors to that relationship by not saying at one point �that�s too much information�. He�s like that blonde dude in Office Space, the �Oh Face� guy. Today while outside having a cigarette, he�s raking leaves and says �Yo I was fuckin� this Brazilian chick de otha night and she was like �no take it out, it�s too big!��. I guess I don�t tell him to not bring that stuff up because I�d kind of like to hear what he�s going to say next. Most of the time though I feel like saying �I know, I know, you�re a black guy with a huge dick that fucks chicks, can you empty my recycled paper box and bring another box of Tylenol from the supply closet over, thanks� Plus, he�s a Yankees fan.


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