Oh Joy!
2005-11-08 || 2005!
Soundtrack � Eyehategod � Take As Needed For Pain
I�m half thinking of writing here again for a bit. I was using the Myspace thing but there are way too many people I know there in real life that don�t need to know every detail of everything ever.
So last night we played what was an embarrassingly shitty show � yeah, great.
Of course I have absolutely nothing to say here right now. But in the future I can talk more about work and how much I really can�t deal
Also, the difference between complaining about people by everybody else in the world and me complaining about people is I generally just complain about people that have a direct influence on making existence on a daily basis just a little more miserable. Any negative comments about what people are into, etc is obviously in jest (especially if you KNOW). Like I could ever lose sleep over how awful it is that people love horrible music or whatever. It is damn amusing to read people on Myspace or on the internet in general and how they hate these kinds of people and these kinds of people. It�s even more amusing when people have absolutely not a clue about me and try to relate to me and say �yeah I know, people are awful!� when in actuality on a daily basis I probably spend about 20 seconds caring about other people. Me just saying that in that last sentence that I don�t care about people is just as lame as what I mean. Stop then � to get back to the original point, if you actually spend any amount of time letting people get to you there is something else going on there.
What does it mean when you cough and you get this pain in your chest? I�ve had this for three weeks but can�t be bothered to go to a doctor really. I enjoy enjoying things.
Imagine caring about Howard Stern?

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