Oh Joy!
2004-11-16 || this is newnaked ladi # 27
Soundtrack � Black Sabbath � Never Say Die
At work today it was almost as if I was there. Slowly I�ve gotten myself caught up, only to be pushed back because of the incompetence of some employees who can�t get their shit together. I have managed to get in there earlier. I spent a good couple of years dancing around the ten to twenty minutes late thing. Today I got there at 9:30 and stayed until 7:00. Whoa!
This Arrested Development show is really funny. I am almost done watching the whole DVD set and I now need to go back and re-watch it as I feel I may have missed a bunch. I like when I can watch a show over and over and it doesn�t get old. Some others would be The Monkees, Happy Days, Curb Your Enthusiasm and The Jeffersons. Imagine if I just came here and wrote about TV shows. Oh my God you guys, my favorite episode of Smallville was on last night!
I like how they sometimes refer to it as folk music.
�the first time I made love to a bisexual� by Josh
Not really � but really though, remember in high school. Well, not when I was in high school. All the girls either liked when a human being had either a penis, or a vagina area. This was the eighties. I still kept at it with younger people though. As I got older I would meet college aged or whatever people and at parties two girls with low calorie beer breath would make out in the kitchen to Jamn 94.5 or whatever and all the dudes would go home and jerk off for weeks. The next morning though, the girls would call Mike or Glenn and everything would be back to normal. I can� I mean � This seemed to happen because of Nine Inch Nails and tight mini skirts. In high school in 1985 though, None of the girls I knew made out with other girls. None of them had shaved pussies. None of them pierced their noses and got tattoos. Because girls respected Jesus and Reagan. Nowadays the girls shave their pussies because of their hatred for Christ and their dedication to guys like Howard Dean and Sting.
Speaking of shaved pussy, that black guy at my work sells what might be the worst marijuana a person could buy. Not really, I just felt like talking about �that black guy at work�.
At some point before I die I�d like to be able to stand at a podium and say �We�d like to welcome our new friends from _________�

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