Oh Joy!
2004-10-14 || why most women should be killed
Soundtrack - George Jones - Cup of Loneliness
From Myspace:
"so on thursday my friend peabody was havin his b day party so we all went to topfield fair. this girl neysha sits up front and whos cares wat eva. we gets and peabody told his friends i have nice tits and that their pierced not a big deal. so he not all ova her the whole time so she gets madd. anywho he we get back 2 the car and he ask me 2 sit up front as i turn around to get my bag she throws it in my face and i'm like wtf. so he drops off everyone and ask em if i still wanna chill and i'm like yea. so 5 mins lata after he dropps everyone off she calls and is like ohh i'm 2 good for the back sit shit. so carry on on friday she sends me a text message ohh i'm sorry for being a bitch i just can't stand when u act like that....i'm like act like wat....she like when u put ur self down and disrespect urself...i'm lost i'm like wat r u talken about... she says that i lower my self when i talk about my piercings and shit....so i say well peabody told ppl and i don't really care...she says well if u want to act trashy then i'm sorry i cared....wtf wat is that about anyways she like ur one of my best friends sorry i cared....so she like trys to make me feel bad and shit...i'm just like wat eva i'm good. like wtf is she problem....grrrrrrrr"

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