Oh Joy!
2004-09-15 || addictiopn
Soundtrack � Funkadelic � Cosmic Slop


So, the weathr is

Tried parts of Dawn of the Dead last night. Again, it�s a great commentary on American consumerism, but not really that scary whatsoever. Cum guzzling fags would probably be scared by it.

I actually got a little bit of work done today here at work. Imagine that!?

I hate when it�s hot in offices

I ha

Hispan -> they rape childrens!

Last night, an unfulfilling evening of nothingness, bad ball game, bad movie selections, bad chapters, bad cigarettes. Nothing was good about last night. I would rather have been off in the woods building the rainbow auschwitxz place I promised. Day car

I almost murde

Last n, i mean this morning, an old man with a huge nose and an addiction to bagels couldn't hold a door-fugk!

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