Oh Joy!
2004-09-13 || Outside of Austin
Soundtrack � some metal

So normally, when I

Actually, so yesterday I took a ride up to NH which was pleasant. Again, I realized I hate when cars are driving behind me, in front of me. I take back roads to avoid being around other cars. I don�t trust any human beings when they drive. Strangers drive horribly, my friends all drive horribly, people in my family. People get in car accidents constantly because they have no idea how to drive. The number one rule is to look at everything but the car in front of you. It sounds stupid when read literal, but if you can�t figure out why that works than you really shouldn�t be driving a car. Think about it, you kuntholes.

I ate $12.86 worth of Chinese food yesterday and then threw the leftovers out the window when I got back over the Massachusetts border as I knew I wouldn�t eat them, and frankly, throwing a Styrofoam thing of Chinese food out of a car window is fun.

We play the Jew York Yankees this weekend.

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