Oh Joy!
2004-09-08 || I can't move my chicken
Soundtrack � Diane Lane eating chicken

2 hours ago I spoke to Jodie and told her I would probably be going to bed soon too. Here it is 2 hours later and I�ve just smoked more marijuana, there are CD�s all over my bed, scissors, ashtrays. How awful is it to have things on a bed? If I am standing up, I can deal with stuff on a bed. When I go to sleep at night I can�t have anything. If a dime were on the far corner away from me on the bed I would have a nervous breakdown and probably strangle a poisonous cranberry creature or something like that. You know about those creatures?

We came up with a new song tonight, rather quickly. I have a feeling a spurt of new songs will arise in the next couple of months while we take time off from playing shows.

I read about how Britney Spears is �fat and white trash� now, or so they accuse her. I saw the pictures in the gossip magazines and have to agree. I think she looks much better as thick as she looks to me now. Madonna, as we discussed on the phone earlier looks horrible now, and she just annoys the living hell out of everyone in her path I bet. They all have the new religions, etc.

I can�t even see straight or type and I�m discussing Britney spearsss weight issues

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